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Food Safety for Handlers Online Training & Certification
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Food Safety for Handlers
Become an employee with the knowledge of safe food handling techniques and procedures, the understanding foodborne illnesses, and necessary skills to prevent contamination. (Approximately 2 hours) - - ...

Food Safety for Handlers Information

Bartender Mixology Online Training & Certification
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Bartender Mixology
Learn Bartending, this program covers all the information taught in bartending schools in large cities.

Bartender Mixology Information

Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course Online Training & Certification
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Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course
To be a waiter or waitress you have to be able to think fast and have a good memory. It may not always seem like it, but servers have a ...

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Advanced Wine Knowledge Online Training & Certification
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Advanced Wine Knowledge
Wine Knowledge course is for servers that want to be able to recommend a wine with a meal, hence the course covers all types of wine, and wine pairing.

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Liquor Knowledge Online Training & Certification
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Liquor Knowledge
Liquor Knoledge training covers how different alcohol tastes, how it is created, and interesting data to help a server upsell and provide better customer service.

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Food Manager Recertification
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Food Manager Recertification
If you have an existing Certified Food Manager certification that is not expired, you may take our online course to renew your certification for another five years. Simply enroll in ...
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