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iBar Interactive Bar Training

iBar Interactive Bar Training Online Training & Certification

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Features that Make i-Bar a Great Training Tool

  • i-Bar uses images of authentic liquor bottles and equipment as found in a real bar. Every item can be picked-up, moved, turned and poured, etc.
  • The back bar is set up just like a real bar, with the premium alcohols set up on the shelf. That is where the term "top shelf" comes from.
  • Lower priced alcohol is along the front of the bar, called the speed rail, or just "rail", so a bartender can choose his alcohol quickly.
  • The rail is set up with a system, so you can quickly find the bottle, similar to a real bar.
  • Refrigerated items go in either the ice bin compartments or in the refrigerator. You will learn which items must be chilled, versus items that can set out.
  • The soda gun operation is similar to bar usage.
  • Shaking and straining drinks is completed using the same methodology as a real bar.
  • The ice bin is realistic, not just a sink with ice in it (a sink with ice is against food safety regulations).
  • i-Bar allows jigger pouring, which is required by some bar owners.
  • i-Bar also allows practicing your free pouring skills (timed pours).

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