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a.k.a Jello Shooters, Jelly Shots, Gels, or Gelatin Shots

If you have a large Nightclub, or if you are a Jello Shot lover looking for the goods for your house parties, we are the #1 place to order your Jello Shots! 

Jello shots come in quantities of 100 and start at $75.00 which includes delivery to your bar or party!

Some of our specialty shots include:

-         Rum and Cherry Coke Jello Shots
-         Amaretto Sour Jello Shots
-         Margarita Jello Shots
-         Tequila Jello Shots (with worms!)
-         Red Hot Cinnamon Jello Shots
-         Lemon Drop Jello Shots
-         Beer Jello Shots
-         Irish Whiskey Sour Jello Shots
-         Mai Tai Jello Shots
-         Caribbean Blue Jello Shots
-         Purple Passion Jello Shots
-         Red Wine Jello Shots

But of course we have basic tequila jello shots or vodka jello shots

Please call Ek'Spurt Bartending Service at 216-269-0650 to order your jello shots!!