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Receive an official PSCC Food Handler Wallet Card by mail for food handlers in Hawaii!
No Extra Charge!

There is no additional cost to receive your food safety / food handler's wallet card!
  • Generate a printable food safety certificate for Hawaii upon course completion
  • Receive your PSCC food handler's permit / wallet card for Hawaii in the mail within 15 days.
Become an employee with the knowledge of safe food handling techniques and procedures, the understanding of foodborne illnesses, and necessary skills to prevent contamination. (3 hours) 

Food safety is one of the most important concerns in the food service industry. Improper food handling or unsafe conditions can lead to foodborne illness, disease or even death.

As a food handler working in the food service industry, it is your responsibility to know safe food handling techniques and procedures. This online food safety certification course will teach you everything you need to know to work as a responsible food handler and provide you an industry accepted certification from a leader in the food service industry.

The price of the Food Safety for Handlers course has been dropped to $9.95 for a limited time. Now is the time to take the online Food Safety for Handlers Course and get your certification today!

You will have access to the course and be able to review the course material for 365 days after you log in to the course initially.

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Food Safety for Handlers $5.95

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Responsible Food Safety Course for Food Handlers

The PSCC Food Safety for Handlers Course can be used to train food handlers in responsible food handling techniques in your state. Check with your county health department for any additional requirements. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a food handler certificate of completion from Professional Server Certification Corp.

Hawaiifood safety certification / food handler card

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