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Employer Account
Sign up for an employer account and have the ability to send your bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers through the o... [More]
Responsible Serving® of Alcohol
If your state is not listed below, this Responsible Serving® Course is the one for you. This course is set up to allow... [More]
Illinois Responsible Serving® of Alcohol
APPROVED: Beverage Alcohol Sellers & Servers Education & Training The Illinois Responsible Serving® Course for... [More]

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Responsible Serving® of Alcohol & Food Safety Training for Illinois
The IL Off-Premises Responsible Serving® course is designed to teach clerks and managers responsible alcohol selling tec... [More]
Illinois Certification Requirements for Bartenders and Alcohol Servers
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Who Needs to be Certified?
Who needs to be certified in Illinois? Bartenders, bar backs, managers, sellers, servers, waiters, waitresses all must be trained and certified.... [More]

Get your Basset license online for $7.99!
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IL Responsible Serving - Bartender License $8.99
For a limited time, get your BASSET license - bartender license or alcohol server permit training for only $8.99. ... [More]

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Illinois Bartender License | Illinois Bartending License Online
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Illinois Bartending License Online Course
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Illinois bartender license for Alcohol Sellers, Servers, and Bartenders in IL
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